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Video of the Week #64

Earlier this week, the new Bj√∂rk video directed by Michel Gondry, Crystalline, was released. I did not get around to watching it yet, as my attention span in front of a screen appears to be even shorter as usual nowadays. The new sleepmakeswaves video, however, managed to keep my eyes glued to the moving images. […]

Ain’t No Night: trailer

As a child, I lived on the French Riviera. Of course, when living in dreamland, you don’t necessarily realise you live in dreamland; only after moving away does one have a different approach to places they’ve long been part of. And so, the memories of the charming little village I grew up in, of sailing […]

Video of the Week #52

It’s already been a year since I started running the weekly video ‘feature’; I was going to celebrate by posting a special video and then realised there are way too many, from the gorgeous shots of lovely filmmakers to songs that mean a lot to me. So instead, here’s the official video to Comet, taken […]

Freddie Lloyd vs. Matt Finney: the Constant.

One might remember me mentioning Winter, snowflakes, and Freddie Lloyd‘s new video over a month ago. The Constant has now been made available as stream&download on bandcamp; it features Matt Finney, and it’s gorgeous.