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Stille Nacht

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Soap&Skin, to tell you the truth. I think her voice is incredible, and her music hits me in the right places and sometimes it’s really unbearable – in a good way – but other than that she seems like she has no personality at all, except […]

weekend sounds and hello cologne!

You know when you listen to the radio in the morning, half asleep, and there’s always some person who calls the station and wins something, and you think, “Gosh that’s never going to happen to me..?” Yeah, that’s me. My friend A, on the other hand, is always winning stuff. But the last two times […]

tosca vs. phantom/ghost

Earlier this week I entered a contest on FM4; two days ago I was notified by email that me and 49 others had won tickets for the Phantom/Ghost radio session. However, Tosca were playing two free shows at Minoritenkirche as I had discovered after entering the contest (it turns out the church was getting way […]