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Seabear&Hudson Wayne @ B72

A couple of fun facts about Iceland: more than half of its population resides in the capital, Reykjavik, and a good 80% of them speak better English than mother-tongue English speakers (yes, I am looking at you, destroyers of proper spelling, faithful lovers of abbreviations and text-messaging talk, and haters of correct grammar). Not everyone […]


Last night I got a couple of photos of Seabear and Hudson Wayne during soundcheck. They’re already up on flickr because I got restless and excited this morning when I got up. ta-daaa! slideshow! A review with more photos will be up soon on the 405 and so on. In the meanwhile, yo, check out […]

Fame, La Quiete, and Blue Dogs

The Venice Biennale was also an opportunity for me to meet an old friend I hadn’t seen in something like 5 years. What better setting than one of the biggest and most famous art fairs in the world to discuss street art (which he recently got into) and my tiny steps into the art world? […]

Nostalgia Beach: A bitter summer mix

This month’s theme for the monthly mixtape was very open to interpretations and offered a lot of possibilities. We had to pick a photograph we liked from the public flickr stream and base our theme on what the photo reminded us of. I have to admit I refreshed the page many times until I had […]