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Orivesi: first impressions

Second day in Finland. I guess I am still alive, though today was so intense – and truly so intense – that I did not have a second to myself until now since I boarded the plane in Vienna on Monday morning. After a short break at the Helsinki train station and a couple of […]

Video of the Week #61

Back in the day when I was all metal and stuff, I used to listen to Medeia. Okay, no, this is a lie. I was never metal and Medeia would have probably passed under my radar if it wasn’t for my friend Laura playing in it. Today I am off to Finland for my poetry […]

tappaa kaksi kärpästä yhdellä iskulla

that’s Finnish for: to kill two birds with one stone, in case you were wondering. So last night I went to see MEDEIA @ Arena and Son, Ambulance @ B72. I got a message from Laura (that’s the very cute, sweet, and just generally super-awesome MEDEIA keyboard player) at 7:30PM telling me that I was […]