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Bellman: Interview

With the release of his first album as well as his shows at Norway’s By:Larm, Larvik-based pop outfit Bellman has already made himself a bit of a name in the Scandinavian indie scene. His second album is due for release this week in the UK – mixing various influences and spreading itself across a variety […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Music #9

Booking shows for an experimental music venue/association can be a weird thing; you come across people who you might have not heard of, but meeting them in person (or, say, picking them up at the train station to take them to aforementioned venue for soundcheck) can be fascinating. It doesn’t take long before you start […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Music #8

You can apparently kill two birds with one stone. However, if your name is Lubec, and you play lo-fi indie pop, you kill three birds with one picture instead. This month’s Favorite Records feature welcomes a band from Richmond, their hands, a couple of seminal records, and a brick wall. Could anyone ask for more? […]

Ex Nihilo Vox: Interview

This is the story of two ordinary girls, Vanessa and Anne-Claire, who grew up as I did with Louise Attaque and Gainsbourg. Meeting in high school and being able to relate on several grounds were the prerequisites to start a band; then came the introduction to Martin and Lucie through common friends, becoming friends, realising […]