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Grow Up With Me

It’s been (more or less) exactly a year since I got back from Finland, since my 6-month poetry workshop, since I fell in love with my typewriter again. When I was a child, apart from an astronaut, I wanted to be a poet; it was my biggest dream. So no wonder that when I first […]

Vampires in a devil town

On April 1st, with littleliongirl as a partner in crime (and exhaustion, judging by how the rings under her eyes were at least as deep as mine), I headed to Roter Bogen, a tiny venue I’d never been to before crammed between rhiz and chelsea, to see for the millionth time Sweet Sweet Moon play […]

Ryan Francesconi @ Subterrarium

It started at a train station on a grey Sunday afternoon; among people who came and went in the big hall, my eyes searched for a big guitar case. I waved, and rushed past travellers on the escalator. Here we are, then. I picked up Ryan Francesconi and Mirabai Peart on their first day of […]

More shows, less sleep.

I am half-yawning as I type this, but for tonight we have booked Ryan Francesconi to play at the Subterrarium. We don’t usually do shows on Sundays, so that’s how special it is! The truth is, also, that this will be my first second concert of 2011, and though a little part of me is […]