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happy news on sleepy sundays

What an awkward thing to be sleeping in on weekends and forgetting that there is a world out there full of movie screenings (the Viennale has opened its gates once again), of concerts to be seen (Austin Lucas plays tonight and I can’t wait to see him again, I might actually cry), of celebrations and […]

too much love, too little time

The problem with meeting a lot of great people, is that you end up spending a lot of time with said people, which leads to heavy long days (and nights) and little time for updates and things. I have just spent my weekend on the most excellent music video shoot ever – some news regarding […]

The Beauty of Buildings and Books

I have unlimited trust in jotting down notes and finding them after weeks, remembering what was so important and doing it – a little bit late, but still. So I’ve been promising myself that whenever I was off work and off guest-duty I would drop by “Die Moderne als Ruine” and fall in love with […]

Claire Morgan: Self-Portraits and Tastes of Africa

Opening of the Exhibition Self-Portraits and Tastes of Africa by Claire Morgan, a South African photographer. Tonight at 7:30PM, at the Vincent & Nell Showroom. There will be a guest performance by Johanna & Daniel Jazz & Blues Duo, and a live photo-shoot with models. Come round, it will be good.