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2009: Lists

With an approaching January 1st, the bloggers of the world are all busy making lists of the best records of the year, best records of the decade, best gigs of 2009.. having just gotten back from a semi-holiday (it was mostly visiting family and emptying an apartment, with lots of reading in between) I have […]

RIP Everton

So it’s been a couple of busy weeks here. With lots of new (secret!) projects starting, I’ve hardly had the time to sleep, let alone updating this lovely blog of mine. I haven’t even had the time to write this here: RIP EVERTON. Everton were a band that was somehow important for me. Sometimes you […]

none of the roads lead home

(if you don’t know what this is then you are a little uncool) I’ve been wondering how much of our feelings actually matter. I read a really cool Iggy Pop interview on the plane back from Cologne; who would have thought that he would someday make me stop and think. He said something about how […]

RIKA & EVERTON split LP is out.

…and I am so getting it, right now. anyway, I would write about it, but R has got it all summed up better than I ever would, so go here and read. Reading is good for your health. You can listen to some of Rika’s music here, and to Everton here. The LP is out […]