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A couple of weeks ago, I found myself at a show of super-emo local band Rika. I had not seen them play in what felt like forever, and for the first time in many months, during the show, I felt transported by the music, back to the 90′s, it hitting me right in the guts. […]

At the heart of Autumn

This summer seems to never end. Last week was cold (I grumpily wore a wool sweater for the first time since March) and everyone in my immediate proximity (him & her, for example) seemed to be getting sick. I thought I was doomed for The First Big Cold Of The Season so I got ready […]

the bittersweetness of break-ups

And I’m not talking about love, here. Yes, love break-ups are sad, but eventually you get over it. Whereas a band not existing anymore (and 15 years later getting back together to make some extra cash, but that’s another story..) is utterly unbearable. Especially when they make amazing music and feel real, like Thousandaires. I […]

Into It. Over It. & Grown Ups @ fluc

Into It. Over It. reminded me a little of Dashboard Confessional. On the rather dark stage at the small, half-empty venue, Evan curled up on a chair and played a couple of songs, with anecdotes or funny introductions between each and with the Grown Ups rooting for him and singing along among the audience.   […]