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Of Hurricanes and Other Windy Days

Across the Delta are maybe one of the best bands in Austria in their genre. I adore them a little bit – because they are great at what they do, they are focused and attentive, and they always have a melodic assonance going on which I like very much and which distinguishes them from the […]

Catching gold

Sadly for me, I am too interested in music not to eagerly be on the lookout for new bands on a weekly basis.  I’ve slowly learned my lesson, and stopped taking into consideration every band recommended to me by last.fm (=recommendation fail, by the way), music blogs, or by friends. In that big, loud world […]

A List To Pass the Time

I’ve been making a lot of lists lately. Usually it’s song lists, but once in a while something else manages to sneak into my posts. A documentary: One of my Kind – The Story of the Mystic Valley Band (I’ve been meaning to watch this, it’s meant to be really good) A movie: No One […]

Tiger Lou @ B72

There’s a Copeland album called Eat, Sleep, Repeat. If they were a post-rock art-band, they would turn it into a concept album with a lot of dreamy intense atmospheres and loops (see dredg), and it would perfectly express the mood of the last days, where eating and sleeping were luxury and not necessities and where […]