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Sharing is Caring: Diver’s London

I’ve already introduced the wonderful, troubadour-like local band Diver with a review of Kites at the beginning of the year; months have passed and the English capital has been crowded by Olympics fans coming from all over the world. These Austrian boys, however, stayed put and sang about London from afar in a town called […]

let’s have some coffee, and talk about poetry.

In an ideal world, diver would by now need little introduction. After an intense 2011, full of homebound shows and gigs abroad, co- and headlining and playing in art galleries, a music museum, in theaters and clubs of various shapes and sizes, they’ve become the troubadour shining star of house Ink. Sadly, on many blogs […]

From Austrian Math-Rock to Eastern New Wave: Waves Festival, Day two

Thursday is the official opening day for most visitors, and the venues are likely to be packed; I plan ahead by getting to the club early. Flex is a venue sandwiched between the Danube channel and a subway line, a venue that smells of stale beer and looks very underground. It’s still early; finding yourself […]

Rain, Drizzle, and Hurricane

I’ve got a terrible habit, which is that I get interested by pretty much anything and always try to do fifteen things at once. This sometimes lead to forgetfulness, post-it madness, and lists of bands I should check out but never do. One of those, highly recommended by little lion girl at least a million […]