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Beneath the Beach and a rockstar physicist

This is just another one of those wild videos of madness with found footage of dinosaurs, “space” and monkeys. The song Second Circle is by Beneath The Beach, a math-rock outfit hailing from West London, and is  taken from the upcoming EP Ubiquitous Meter. Not only is this guitar and drums-driven track addictive, it’s also wonderfully […]

Video of the Week #20

The lovely Toph Taylor is releasing under his moniker Trouble Over Tokyo his album in a month; he will be playing a special show (with strings!) at the Radiokulturhaus this sunday, and the only way to get tickets is by winning them (here). I had some time on my hands today (or rather, I felt […]

Nintendocore Street-Action

Last month I went with the boys down to the river; we hung out under the bridge (it was raining a bit), brought paint, brushes, music, a dog, and did a street-art action. It was super fun! Lauri and Vanja both worked on Super Mario-inspired pixel characters, Nikki did a big wall piece, and I […]

Spring cleaning? Ja takk!

When I got up this morning I thought, “CRAP. what the FUCK is going on here?” The view from my bed is apocalyptic. Apart from the usual piled-up books on my floor, there are about 15 small boxes scattered around the room. One is a crafts box, one is for stamps and envelopes, another for […]