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Vampires in a devil town

On April 1st, with littleliongirl as a partner in crime (and exhaustion, judging by how the rings under her eyes were at least as deep as mine), I headed to Roter Bogen, a tiny venue I’d never been to before crammed between rhiz and chelsea, to see for the millionth time Sweet Sweet Moon play […]

by the time you come back, I’ll be sleeping

Oh God, I miss you too much. This movie reminds me of very good and very sad times. Eternal Sunshine will always be my #1 Michel Gondry movie, but the Science of Sleep is a close second; it’s so intense and cute and makes you want to pick up random little objects to create a […]

Waschbär cover songs

I’ve always had a thing for cover songs. My best friend, though, absolutely LOVES them. I managed to stop being lazy and after promising myself a thousand times that I would finally make him yet another cover mix, I decided to put my rainy sunday to good use. SO here comes the Waschbär Cover Songs […]