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Books From Boxes

I was listening to the radio this morning; dumbfounded from too little sleep, 6am sunlight flooding in through the windows above my head. Funny that it would be this morning out of all mornings, when a song which I had long forgotten about was played on the morning show. I sang along happily (and bitterly) […]

Buried in Snow

I buried a cookie jar full of mini-cakes on my balcony; yes, that’s how snowy it is around here. Seriously now, since today I am officially on holiday, meaning I’ll be doing over the next couple of days all of the Christmas baking I wasn’t able to do beforehand. I’m absolutely excited about this already.

there’s a hand in my pocket searching for change.

It’s been an awkward couple of days. Our exhibition, which got cancelled, suddenly was brought back to life (almost); my days are endless and busy and always full of surprises (not always nice ones). I’m trying to see the good side of life, still. And looking forward to Thursday, when I have days off from […]

On gray days and Tea Parties

Saturday morning, 8 am. My bedroom door quietly opens and a ball of fluff tiptoes all the way to my face, where she proceeds to sniff my nose before licking my cheek. I inconsistently wave my hand in her direction, my eyes still half-closed, and as I turn from my left side to my back, […]