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Spent on rainy days

Today is (was) the kind of day that can turn out really bad if you’ve got things to do, classes to go to and deadlines (not my case.. partly) or really good if you have no plans, a cup of tea, and a lot of music in the background – possibly with a book in […]

Death Cab for Cutie+Frightened Rabbit @ Admiralspalast

Ah, Death Cab. A little bit of a background story is needed here: I travelled all the way from Vienna to Berlin, 12 hours in the night-train (I shouldn’t complain, I found cheap tickets..) just to see them live again. My dedication to live music will kill me. But I was very annoyed (and surprised, […]

Conor Oberst @ Arena

I wasn’t expecting much from Mr. Oberst, I must admit. I’ve been bored-ish of the direction his music has been going into – less honest, slightly repetitive imagery, and too much folk/country influences. I also don’t pay much attention to gossip and celebrity rumours, but I kind of believe that a lot of Conor’s genius […]

A life, A song, A cigarette @Freiraum

Earlier this year, we drove to St. Pölten to see ATD play at Freiraum. A life, A song, A cigarette were opening; I have to admit I was curious to hear them play. This local band is being labeled as “the local Bright Eyes” constantly (which, en passant, I don’t think is a compliment for […]