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Buried in Snow

I buried a cookie jar full of mini-cakes on my balcony; yes, that’s how snowy it is around here. Seriously now, since today I am officially on holiday, meaning I’ll be doing over the next couple of days all of the Christmas baking I wasn’t able to do beforehand. I’m absolutely excited about this already.

Cupcakes: everywhere, anytime

Though some people are wonderfully excited by all my baking, bread-making skills, I have a dirty little secret: I am physically unable to bake proper muffins. I have tried and tried to make these tiny American wonders, using different recipes, more or less baking powder, different tricks and tips, but failed rather successfully. I am, […]

Goodbye August!

(a little roundup of what I should have blogged about, but didn’t) 1; making plansAngus & Julia Stone are coming to Europe in November. The closest they will be to Vienna is Munich, and I’m very set on going. There just isn’t any other alternative. 2; new and old releasesMy mailbox, heart and ears were […]

some things I like about today

in no particular order.. * The Starbucks barista who writes messages on my coffee cup and talks to me about rain * post-its * people who smile at me on the street * the grey sky * my bed. hmm. * Passports&Souvenirs by Across the Delta * nice and soft thoughts about the future * […]