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On unresolved resolutions

January is everyone’s time for New Year’s resolutions and looking back at the year that just passed. It is a month for pretending that we can all stick to lists and decisions, though the more we advance into the month, the harder it is to do so. The truth is that we all want to […]

From Austrian Math-Rock to Eastern New Wave: Waves Festival, Day two

Thursday is the official opening day for most visitors, and the venues are likely to be packed; I plan ahead by getting to the club early. Flex is a venue sandwiched between the Danube channel and a subway line, a venue that smells of stale beer and looks very underground. It’s still early; finding yourself […]

We’ve fallen into place.

It was two years ago that I saw Clara Luzia live, on a warm day followed by a night that smelled of summer dampness, on stage a cover of Trouble Over Tokyo‘s No Handed, a friend by my side, and me full of expectations, finding someone in the audience who was absent – sort of […]

We held hands and cried

Some songs will always hold memories, no matter how far away these memories are. And whenever you’ll hear the familiar melody, you’ll whisper along to the lyrics and have flashbacks like faded photographs of something evanescent and beautiful. On another note, this music video makes me smile. And while I stood in the audience two […]