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A childhood recipe: Strawberry Spring Risotto

Hello. This very cute kid in the photograph below, attempting to build a sandcastle on a beach on the French Riviera in autumn in the early nineties, happens to be me. There are quite a few things I recall from those times: the constant physical assaults on and from my little sister (siblings are the […]

Soap, Skin, Space, and Boats

There are piles of boxes that lie unopened, on top of each other, in shelves in my parents’ house. Some full of letters and received postcards, others of little objects. One of those is a small black polished stone with an engraving of a jumping cow with a heart in its belly, which I got […]

Ain’t No Night: trailer

As a child, I lived on the French Riviera. Of course, when living in dreamland, you don’t necessarily realise you live in dreamland; only after moving away does one have a different approach to places they’ve long been part of. And so, the memories of the charming little village I grew up in, of sailing […]

Underground Music

Funnily enough, one of my very first experiences with the Subway was in New York City. Even before I moved to Vienna and became a worshiper of public transport, I had a vague taste of signs pointing left and right, crowds of commuters, full of big-eyed wonder as I looked up at skyscrapers in the […]