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Video of the Week #40

You might have grown up reading Calvin & Hobbes and wondering why you didn’t have an awesome stuffed animal that ‘turned’ into a tiger when you needed a friend. Or you might have read and watched Where the Wild Things Are, and cried at the end of it (while your boyfriend slept soundly near you, […]

Hatching eggs: An Apparatet special

This video is quite lovely and makes me miss being a child. Sometimes I wish my childhood had been more full of adventures and made-up stories, but apart from the occasional climbing on trees and singing songs to myself, I was quite the boring child. looks like the eggs are ready hatched nowand like you […]

day 9; the first book you ever read

When I was a child, I somehow learned to read really early and would read anything I could put my hands on. I can’t remember what the first ‘long’ book I ever read was (I was fond of Roald Dahl actually), but the Spot books by Eric Hill were some of my favorites as a […]

day 29; a song from your childhood day

One of my favorite memories from my childhood is all the driving around with my mom. In France, which is where I grew up, schoolkids have the Wednesday afternoons off; this used to be our day. She’d have some time after midday and would pick me and my sister up, we’d jump into the convertible […]