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day 2; the book you will be reading next

I have a pile of books sitting next to, or near, my bed, waiting to be read. I have a thing for piles of books, however my bookshelves get angry at me, if I don’t use them. At the moment, aforementioned books are Ham On Rye (Bukowski) and Player Piano (Vonnegut). Chances are, however, that […]

So you want to be a writer?

One of the main problems with being an artist, or anything where creativity is most definitely required, is all the insecurity that comes with it. I suppose everyone has at least once asked themselves the question, “Am I good enough?” I first got into performance art because, being a somewhat shy person (for some things) […]

Brad Hamers: Interview

Brad Hamers is a visionary man; he creates beautiful and nostalgic atmospheres out of nowhere, sometimes inspired by literature, harsh words and images of a daily life interlaced with surreal images. His debut solo album was one of the first hip-hop works I got hooked to, listening to it from beginning to end in loops. […]

Brad Hamers

I was sitting around at a friend’s place after dinner; out of nowhere comes something beautiful. Something about a girl who left waving a red scarf from a sinking ship two summers ago,.. I didn’t know then, but this was Brad Hamers, and his music was going to hit me to the deepest core of […]