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busy days, sigh, summer rain

I’ve been a terrible updater.I’ve got a bunch of things lined up such as a destroy munich show review, lots of photos from our crazy screenprinting session for Ausser Betrieb, and just daily tales from outer space. but as my wordpress is not so iPhone-friendly, and lately all I am doing is waking up-work mails-university-no […]

Wanna Play Vienna?

The guys over at WannaPlayVienna LOVE unsigned bands. The point of their event, taking place every third monday of the month at B72, is to give these bands some exposure. I’m not a huge fan of shows like this, because I’ve gone to a few (back in the day) and I’m sorry to say that […]

girl’s favorite songs of the month (february)

first part of what I hope will be a regular monthly post on this blog. The Appleseed Cast: Fight Song (post-rock; this gorgeous song feels like it was written for the minutes that come before a storm. It makes me want to jump off a cliff – in a good way – just to feel […]