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The Wombats @ Gasometer

The Wombats might not be everyone’s cup of tea: three boys who, after having met at music school and having played together for years (as a matter of fact, I remember a good friend from high school getting me into their music, somehow, in 2003 shortly before we graduated), suddenly found themselves at the peak […]

Why listen to Everything Everything

when you can, clearly, fall in love with Out Like A Lion instead. It’s Sunday night, EE are playing in Vienna and instead I’m trying to motivate myself to iron shirts; the best music for this might well be Back to Front (cause that’s how you iron shirts, innit.)

Bloc Party@Gasometer, May 5th 2007

Ahh.. Bloc Party. the dance-indie British geniuses. I don’t have much to complain about with the set they played. It was a nice mix between old and new songs, they opened with the first song on the new album and moved straight back to their debut with Positive Tension. I was standing in the second […]