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Video of the Week #56

It’s that time of the week again! And after a wild and sleepy weekend involving a spontaneous roadtrip to the middle of nowhere to see some bands, I’m looking forward to (hopefully) seeing Boy Omega live once again tonight. Apart from the fact that he has a lovely voice, he also makes my heart very […]

Video of the Week #49

There is something painful and heartbreaking about this video; Boy Omega‘s new song is delicate and the images that accompany it (by Dino Spiluttini, also known in the music world as Liger) manage to portray those feelings down to the very last detail.

Scraps of Tape+Destroy, Munich @ fluc

I went to see Destroy, Munich and Scraps of Tape at fluc two nights ago. The first good thing about the show was that it was FREE. Free shows are hard to come by nowadays. Good ones are even harder. The second good thing was that I had heard about both bands but a) never […]

Audrey: The Fierce and The Longing

I was listening to the new Audrey album last night. The Fierce and the Longing, which has been out since April 17th in Sweden – the four girls’ home-country – is pure splendor in its genre. Their first full-length (Visible Forms, 2006) was beautiful dark melancholic pop; the Fierce and the Longing adds to this […]