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With your heart in mind.

Just when I thought Justin Vernon couldn’t have surprised me anymore, comes along this jaw-dropping session he’s done together with Sean Carey, whose falsetto almost equals Justin’s legendary vocal performance. Among Steinways and tattoos, the beauty of this recording is in the sensibility and magnificence of the arrangements, in the fluctuating structure of its songs […]

I was not magnificent

I don’t know where my fascination with Iceland came from. Maybe I could blame it on Björk, on how, early on, I desperately wanted to see the country she grew up in; however that wasn’t all. Later, there was something that attracted me to glaciers, to beautiful still water and long, light summer nights. I […]

Video of the Week #58

I might be obsessing a bit too much over Bon Iver‘s latest album (as you might have gathered from my review). There is something terribly catchy and beautiful about it; the video for the first single Calgary, however, is incredibly bizarre. From the lake on fire to an awkward bear-like figure on a bed to […]

Don’t you cherish me to sleep

Where he succeeded once in impressing swarms of cynics and romantics alike, Justin Vernon succeeds again with Bon Iver‘s self-titled sophomore album, fundamentally different from the first in orchestration and concept, though retaining a similar mood.  For Emma, Forever Ago was created in a specific location and under circumstances which – thankfully for Mr. Vernon […]