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Video of the Week #60

It was over ten years ago when little 12-year-old me discovered Iceland’s electro-pop queen, Björk Gudmundsdóttir. I expressed childish awe and wonderment and walked through life for a whole year listening to little other than Debut when I discovered it, and the fact that she is able to reinvent herself with every album still surprises […]

Rain, Drizzle, and Hurricane

I’ve got a terrible habit, which is that I get interested by pretty much anything and always try to do fifteen things at once. This sometimes lead to forgetfulness, post-it madness, and lists of bands I should check out but never do. One of those, highly recommended by little lion girl at least a million […]

forcing the molecules to go tiny

Björk is so cute, I love her.


While in Paris last week, I dropped by the Centre Pompidou to take a look at some art. The Center is quite big and relatively new so I’d never been there before. I already knew half of the pieces exhibited in the permanent collection, either because I’d seen them in some of my classes (that’s […]