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A Quarter of a Century

Last Sunday was my birthday. The plan was to have a picnic, but given the whiny weather, we had to lock ourselves up inside. There was way too much cake for anyone’s good (Rainbow-Cake courtesy of a panda,  marble cake courtesy of a messenger bird, and chocolate cake made by AH). We celebrated with lots […]

Chris Garneau: Birthday Post

My dear coconut (known to many as Chris Garneau) is a November baby; sadly for him, a couple of days before his birthday, he happened to lose his passport in China – meaning being quarantined (again!) there. I bet no one got him a birthday cake. So when I found out, I promised to bake […]

this has nothing to do with anything, but..

Happy Birthday, Mom. oh, how I love birthdays! candles and balloons (though I am, in fact, scared of balloons popping) and, most of all, CAKE! please, someone hire me to make birthday cakes all day long. my mom’s colleague, who is apparently cute and 23, asked her after tasting my birthday chocolate cake for her […]