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Long Live the 90s

Not everyone from my generation remembers the 80s too well, but all of us do remember the 90s: we witnessed it first-hand, from the Cobain flannel shirts to the everything-denim look, from the strange Doc Martens revival, to Angela Chase’s quite terrifying jumpers as well as her odd obsession with Violent Femmes. Quite frankly said, […]

Noiserv: Interview

Tell me a bit about your background first. Where did you grow up? Are there any musicians in your family? I was born in 1982, on a wednesday. April 7th. I was born in Lisbon… And I always lived near here… First in a small house in the suburbs and nowadays I liveĀ in the center… […]

Noiserv + Bernhard Eder

10 AM and second coffee of the day. After jumping hectically between mailbox, desk (comic deadline in five), and kitchen, I’m starting to feel that the second Is this Thing Loaded? (Northstar) stops playing, I’ll put on some Noiserv. I’ve slowly but surely gotten hooked to his debut album – and I’ve only owned it […]

Born in a Forbidden Organ

My review of the two Noiserv/Bernhard Eder gigs I went to will be up soon, with photos. In the meanwhile I feel I have to share my massive obsession with David Santos (aka Noiserv), a wonderful musician from Portugal who is, on top of being extremely nice, also very talented and engaging live. He is […]