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Best of 2010

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. I shall jump on the choochoo-blogger-train of end of year lists, and make a couple myself… The year was full of amazing shows, of great releases, of awesome collaborations and of wonderfully long days spent with one artist after the other. After days of changing my mind […]

Winter and Snowflakes

It’s still winter, and it still snows.

Curated by Basia

I’ve been running around half of the summer with the canvas bag that Basia Bulat so gracefully and lovingly gave to me when I saw her here in Vienna (she’s such a darling!). Anyway, a couple of days ago I was informed that she just curated a mixtape over at Baeble Music; it features Nick […]

Basia Bulat: a bird of paradise

I discovered Basia Bulat‘s music very accidentally, probably on some music blog or while scanning the internet for music, years ago, shortly before her debut album Oh, My Darling came out. I liked her quiet, earnest way of singing and the balanced sadness versus happiness on that record; but what really caught my ear back […]