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On Perfect Love and Letting Go.

Slightly over a week ago, I was in a country I’d never been to before, spending more time with myself than I had in the last six months, with my eyes throwing themselves left and right, up and down, constantly, constantly moving to stare at all the beauty in the world. I wish I was […]

travelling sweetness

I’ve always thought of myself as a lonesome traveller; some of my best trips were when I was by myself, getting lost in side-streets, making friends in student hostels, smiling at strangers, headphones and camera and book my only companions for train and bus and plane journeys. However some moments, especially when enduring difficulties, are […]

day 15; the 4th book in your shelf

(starting from left) obviously, this was written by people who don’t read much or who don’t have many bookshelves/books. Which one of fifteen bookshelves (I’m exaggerating a bit here) should I pick this book from? Thankfully, I just recently put up a new shelf which had been sitting on my floor for pretty much four […]

day 10; a book from my favorite author

I can’t really think of a favorite author of mine; or rather, I have a couple. Jostein Gaarder is someone whose work I have always loved. It’s true that he now and then tends to repeat himself or overuse plot patterns or specific images across his body of work, but so do Murakami and Yoshimoto, […]