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Buried in Snow

I buried a cookie jar full of mini-cakes on my balcony; yes, that’s how snowy it is around here. Seriously now, since today I am officially on holiday, meaning I’ll be doing over the next couple of days all of the Christmas baking I wasn’t able to do beforehand. I’m absolutely excited about this already.

Chris Garneau: Birthday Post

My dear coconut (known to many as Chris Garneau) is a November baby; sadly for him, a couple of days before his birthday, he happened to lose his passport in China – meaning being quarantined (again!) there. I bet no one got him a birthday cake. So when I found out, I promised to bake […]

Pomme de reinette et pomme d’api

My memory is filled with all those french comptines I learned at school when I was a child; and just yesterday, as I awoke way too early for a holiday (7:30am), I had to think of this one, because my kitchen-loving mind was already at work, thinking of Apple Pie. Is there anything more wonderful […]

Cupcakes: everywhere, anytime

Though some people are wonderfully excited by all my baking, bread-making skills, I have a dirty little secret: I am physically unable to bake proper muffins. I have tried and tried to make these tiny American wonders, using different recipes, more or less baking powder, different tricks and tips, but failed rather successfully. I am, […]