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War & Peace

Almost exactly three years ago, I was getting into a venue on a whim to check out unknown, local bands and coming out of it a couple of hours later with the certainty that something big was gonna happen. The last three years were full of decision-making, deadlines and confusion, frustration and at times, the […]

Rabbits on the Horizon.

Though some months ago I caught up with the mastermind of Danish SLEEP PARTY PEOPLE in an interview for the 405, I didn’t actually manage to ever see this rabbit-masked band live. I was astounded by their dreamy, hazy pop, which to me sounds like a soundtrack to a movie shot in outer space, and […]

You’re spot on.

“Es ist soweit”, is what an Austrian would say at this point. Something along the lines of, “it’s time”. After mentions of the SPOT festival in Århus and bands which were sushh-ed and kept secret until a couple of months ago, Spot on Denmark is taking place – for the second time – in Vienna, […]

Singing Men in the Common Cold

“This is a song about meaningless sex”, says Cory Branan to introduce one of his songs. The crowd chuckles as if it was a joke, and I suppose in a way it is, but then a sad song comes along, leaving everyone astounded and self-reflecting. It’s a pretty cold October night and though winter’s waiting […]