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At the heart of Autumn

This summer seems to never end. Last week was cold (I grumpily wore a wool sweater for the first time since March) and everyone in my immediate proximity (him & her, for example) seemed to be getting sick. I thought I was doomed for The First Big Cold Of The Season so I got ready […]

2010: My Year in Pictures

This was a long, heavy, exhausting year. It started with tears and bitterness and fighting against the current, drowned into work and sleeplessness, exploded like 14 Juillet fireworks, climbed back up from the point of non-return, and did something wonderful to my heart. I’ve lost friends, made friends, learned many things, made terrible mistakes, let […]

it’s dark, it’s cold, it’s winter.

So recently a lot of things that have been recommended to me were exactly was I needed/wanted and somehow worked perfectly, either with how I was feeling or with the weather or, simply, managed to make me feel something, to make me want to listen over and over and over again. Well, there you have […]

Having Lemonade in Autumn

Let us not lie; Autumn in Vienna doesn’t seem to exist. As soon as the Summer sun is gone, in comes a biting cold and a heavy sky; the proverbial Autumn rains, soaking one’s bones, are absent from the Austrian weather forecast. So here we are: the first days of October, slowly putting summer dresses […]