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Control your impulse

Alternatively, you could also just listen to the new Killed by 9V Batteries dirty and noisy single, which was released a couple of days ago. You might find a little bit of Male Bonding and Japandroids in this Austrian band, set to release their new album the Crux in the upcoming months. ♫ Killed by […]

A Trojan Horse; filled with presents

Christmas (don’t worry, in a couple of days I’ll finally stop talking about it..) is filled with presents for everyone. The local chanson-punk band Das Trojanische Pferd are releasing a new EP today, which will be available for FREE for the next 7 days. Amazing, right? Other local bands, such as Paper Bird, Laokoon Gruppe, […]

Ich warte nicht mehr lang.

How do you use your time wonderfully effectively? Forget about bank holidays and spontaneously head to a music video shoot to help out, document, and most importantly freeze your ass off in the Viennese Summer Weather (rain, cold, wind) on a construction site. So a couple of days ago, I was there on location while […]

Tiki & The Fancy Lights

Sometimes, the most random series of events leads to a situation which would have never occurred otherwise. Let’s take, for example, Tiki & the Fancy Lights. This local band melts boundaries between easy listening rock and shoegazey-emo beautifully, with unusual vocals. This has potential, I tell myself while nodding enthusiastically. There’s things I would change […]