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it’s dark, it’s cold, it’s winter.

So recently a lot of things that have been recommended to me were exactly was I needed/wanted and somehow worked perfectly, either with how I was feeling or with the weather or, simply, managed to make me feel something, to make me want to listen over and over and over again. Well, there you have […]

Video of the Week #10

Well, here we are. I’ve just got to dedicate today’s Video of the Week to Uno Møller, as his album is coming out next week, and we wouldn’t want any of you to forget, would we? It seems like years ago when we all got into this project together and started drawing up sketches, drafts […]

Of Australian Dingos and Shy Kids

who would have thought it could be possible for me to be a little bit more in love with Angus Stone than I already am? He was a shy kid and has the loveliest accent ever, he makes me go all swoony. Also, they have a dingo! How amazing is that? I want one too, […]