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Ausser Betrieb, #3###

We are having a show, once again. And because we are sexy, there will be a kickass opening, with live music, cheap beer, and silly jokes. Drop by tonight and take a look at some art; I’m showing a photo-series inspired by literature and named after a Bright Eyes song, just because. Ausser Betrieb #3### […]

busy concert days

As you might or might not know: We put on a show. again. This time with THE SHAKING SENSATIONS from Denmark, a truly amazing post-rock band who showed up last night with a 7m long van, about 300 kg of equipment (including two drum sets!) under the pouring rain. This will be good. Show takes […]

2010: My Year in Pictures

This was a long, heavy, exhausting year. It started with tears and bitterness and fighting against the current, drowned into work and sleeplessness, exploded like 14 Juillet fireworks, climbed back up from the point of non-return, and did something wonderful to my heart. I’ve lost friends, made friends, learned many things, made terrible mistakes, let […]

happy news on sleepy sundays

What an awkward thing to be sleeping in on weekends and forgetting that there is a world out there full of movie screenings (the Viennale has opened its gates once again), of concerts to be seen (Austin Lucas plays tonight and I can’t wait to see him again, I might actually cry), of celebrations and […]