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day 13; a song that is a guilty pleasure

Oh my! this one’s super easy. I have almost 700 plays for Ashlee Simpson in my last.fm library. (and actually not ashamed of it at all) – I can’t pick between the two songs, they are both tooooooo good. Autobiography should totally have had a kickin’ music video!

Comptine d’un autre été – sadsweetness

There is a scene in the movie Amélie that I like a lot – it’s one of my favorite movie scenes ever, I think. It’s that part where she is baking in her lovely, candy-colored kitchen and she imagines him in her flat. She cries over her batter and watches her cat walk through her […]

song crushes part 00

This week, slightly obsessing over:   jenny owen youngs: hot in herre [nelly cover] ..because she’s just so good at it. death is not glamorous: assets ..because, well. NORWAY + HOT BOY + PUNK MUSIC = SUPERGORGEOUSNESS. the robot explosion: fuck was I ..because the little gameboy-like sounds + jenny’s voice are to die for. […]