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bleeding swans and crying fingers

There is a secret place we all call “Grandma’s House”; hidden among fields and forests in Eastern Norway, it’s a small white settlement that has become a base for some mysterious musical performances to the local youth. The darker, the better.. When I was first given the Twin Pines Mall demo, years ago, I remember […]

Riots: video

The gorgeous and quiet Uno Møller has recently released his new album Silent Riots, which you can get a hold of on Amazon (among other places). He was on tour with partners in crime Team Me in the last month, doing shows in New York City, at SXSW and at various other locations scattered across […]

Video of the Week #51

I’ve already talked about Team Me way too much; their long-awaited EP is a dream and got amazing reviews from bloggers and newspapers and magazines. Just the thought that I got to know these kids almost by chance years ago fills my heart with joy. This new video, released last week and once again done […]

Record Store Day with Uno Møller

This is so gorgeous. Every thing that the APPARATET people touch, mixed with Uno’s gorgeousness, is gold. don’t forget to pick up Uno’s new song Riots here from 4pm on, with special guest vocals by Lucy Swann.