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Smells like Nirvana covers

One of my favorite memories related to Nirvana is being in a record store in London; it was my first time in that city and it must have been in 2000. I’d recently moved away from France and my English and German weren’t that good, but good enough for me to swoon over all of […]

On Skinny Loves

There is a stupid cliché I can’t quite get rid of, that of “love comes when you least expect it”. At least that’s what everybody says; and so on a May 25th of forever ago (though truly it’s only been a year), my ears still ringing with music walking home his hand in mine staring […]

No sea, but CAKE.

Last night was my parents’ 25th (!!) wedding anniversary. I got a bunch of people together, ran around like crazy to find silver decorations for the table, reserved at my friend’s restaurant La Piazza, and made cake, the remnants of which you can see below. I was going to go for something more elaborate, but […]

All Flowers in Time Bend Towards the Sun

I’ve written love notes to Jeff Buckley in here before, but I feel like on the day that would mark his 43rd Birthday (and a few days give or take, the 10th anniversary of our ‘encounter’) it’s more than justified to remember him and give myself a few minutes to reflect on how much this […]