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CODY: Interview

If Ryan Adams had been born in Scandinavia and had founded a Danish collective instead of getting together with the Cardinals, he could have possibly sounded like CODY, an Americana band stranded in the gorgeous city of Copenhagen, among balconies, snow storms, and Tetris games.   Why “Come On Die Young”? You don’t seem like […]

Midget Gems

I don’t know why, but every time I enjoy a pop song I find myself puzzled and confused about it – as if pop music wasn’t mainly made to please. Lightguides, the new signing of Alcopop! Records hailing from Scotland, don’t make simple pop music, more like an easy, lovely blend of alternative indie pop […]


Someone last night asked me why I like this band so much and I found myself saying that they really aren’t that special,because in a way they aren’t; especially when you can’t understand the lyrics (a debut in ’99, four albums so far, and they are still singing in italian. yes!) but they came around […]