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Lying To You

In much of his work, Keaton Henson keeps to himself and manages to speak painfully well of a certain type of introversion, the kind that will let no one, not even a loved one, through. For many it may seem like a situation that contradicts itself, because we’ve all been taught that love means letting […]

Come as you are, little imaginary hawk.

Chances are you’ll have heard of this band in one way or the other. When I came across the super-sweet love song Boats and Birds for the very first time, it was because of a cover by The Age of Rockets that opened up for me a whole world of New Yorkers that knew each […]

Cottage Days

Last week I have written a little about and posted the trailer to the music documentary R.M.H.C., failing to mention that one of the great things about it is the soundtrack, mostly comprising of songs by a broke Italian, a punk with a traveller’s soul, named Gipsy Rufina. His guitar strumming and voice at once […]

Durand’s Flowers

Approximately two weeks ago, as I was looking through some boxes in my parents’ house on a rainy late afternoon, I stumbled across pictures of my parents when they were young and a couple more of my sister and me, in various poses, awful outfits (what was our mother thinking?) and diverse places; through the […]