the Whitest Boy Alive @ Arena

Yeah, I haven’t been raving about the Whitest Boy Alive yet and how I was so excited to see Erlend Øye again, because he’s a little bit funny, a little bit uncool, and as if that wasn’t enough, he’s also an extremely interesting dancer. After Ese stalked him at the Kings of Convenience show, our paths crossed more than once in the tiny city that is Bergen. Once I met him on my way to the blood-donation bus, a white squared piece of gauze on his arm – who would have thought that a guy this pale has still enough blood left to want to donate it to strangers? Anyway, the important thing is that I have absolutely no words to describe how good and engaging their performance was. They covered Billie Jean and got everyone dancing. It was amazing! I find some of the studio work tends to repeat itself, but their stage presence, their capacity to entertain and to transform their songs has a way to get to you. I left halfway through the set to get some fresh air, bumped into paperheart so I missed the part where they played Don’t Give up, but I was back on time to enjoy the last 30 minutes of the show. Erlend obviously had to jump off the stage and do some singing from the common people grounds, while his band mates were busy with their instruments (and/or their videocamera..) on stage. After over 1.5hours of wild, yes wild!, dancing, sweating, and avoiding flying elbows, and after two encores, I could say that I was overtired and absolutely impressed by everything that went on at Arena that night. The band greeted their adoring audience and moved to the open air stage, where they got started on DJ-set Afterparty madness. Fantastic!
See some photos of the show, by Niko Ostermann, here.

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