Moving parts and clear lines

Dead Leg Press have a Death is not Glamorous interview up. It’s funny, as I read it the first time I could so imagine Christian sitting there and talking 500 miles an hour. I haven’t talked to them about Soft Clicks at all, but I remember telling him I didn’t like it because, huh, is it just me or is it completely different from anything they’ve done before. I suppose I was waiting for this easy, catchy melodic hardcore and then out came this, it’s a little softer and there is even a song (Straight Through) where it doesn’t sound like he’s the one singing at all. It took me a while to understand how far they’ve come. Also, Christian has influenced me a lot on my general view of the world in the last year. I’ve become so much more full of enthusiasm – I realised how important to have someone like this around. (Sometimes)

Anyway, go read the interview. I laughed at the ‘him having to fly home for the Persian exam’ part, actually, because a few days before that, he handed his university application for me to post. I carried it all the way home and went to the post office the next day and all the while I was so paranoid that something would happen to it, like I’d spill coffee on it, or lose it, or drop it down a cliff or so. Oh… good times.

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