Since I got back from Oslo/Norway (yesterday, late afternoon) things have pretty much sucked – among various things, there was the Sigh & Explode show at Last Train last night and since the S&E norwegian booking has been quite sucky according to Tobias, they’ve only played very few shows since their debut album came out. I got a bunch of my friends to go there and say hello and check out S&E. Uno and Andreas even handed out their brand new demo (Twin Pines Mall, a new side project)  to the Sigh&Explode guys. I think it would be pretty awesome if they got touring together somehow, haha. Just to make things WORSE, Tord (he’s a Wombat!) was flying to Oslo yesterday because today’s his birthday, and they were going to celebrate at Elin+Marius’ I think. And I’m stuck in Vienna, and I’ve come to realise that this place makes me more than unhappy and the only reason why I, in fact, can bear to be here any longer is just because
1) kangaroo is coming soon and
2) getting my degree means more freedom and
3) … yeah, exactly, I can’t even think of a good third reason.

also, it’s SO hot. seriously, fuck you lazy one-person car travellers, and damn you air conditioning freaks and go to hell ozone layer killers.

So though things haven’t been looking up at all, I am a little bit excited, because I’m going to a street photography workshop on sunday. This ought to be good, very good. The person leading it is Mary Scherpe from STILINBERLIN.
I’ve tried to fix my bad mood today by wearing a pretty red skirt. It worked a little bit. Then I went to IKEA, and I was overwhelmed by all the greatness that is to be found there. It made me miss Norway a little bit, ah. Then I realised that the DING show is in just three days! and that I’ll be going alone and will try to sleep on someone’s floor or convince the boys to give me a ride back…

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