Lambchop @ WUK

You know what’s terrible in summer? Tiny spaces filled with people. Just the thought of standing in a crowd when the thermometer goes above 25°C makes me go claustrophobic. The concert last night at WUK was different. Not only were most people in the audience mature enough to be respectful of one’s personal space, the venue was also about 2/3 full, allowing for toilet breaks now and then – being certain that after dropping by the bar you’d manage to get back to your original standing spot around the fifth row. I came late because of mingling at a fashion exhibition opening and only saw bits and pieces of Sir Tralala‘s set, but the last song (which he referred to as “noch ein Liebeslied”) really touched me intensely, for some reason. He’s got a particular – whiny, weird and noisy – voice that I liked a lot.
I’ve been told more than once this past week that Lambchop are an excellent live band, and I’m glad I was there to witness it. The band make music ranging from americana and country to traditional blues; I’m not a fan and couldn’t even name more than 10 songs by them. They always stood a little bit in the background for me. Nevertheless, by the second song I was mesmerized. Kurt Wagner – vocalist and only constant member of the band – has a voice that really fills the space, like that of a lonely and grumpy soul singer. Only, he isn’t grumpy at all. In-between numbers he’d thrown in little anecdotes and make the crowd giggle a little more during his songs so complex in their simplicity and his subtly ironic lyrics. And finally, a band that USES all the instruments on stage, because they have a purpose and not just to make it sound louder! Musicians that allow experimentation to guide their fingers when strumming their guitars! And a PIANO! They were like puzzle pieces coming together to create a beautiful picture; a band who play for the pure LOVE of music.
Dare I even say that Lambchop have succeeded where Bright Eyes are failing? Yes, I do.

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