Werner Kitzmüller Trio @ rhiz

I dragged my friend N to this 7” release show on Monday, since we had an Ether magazine meeting AND we were in the area. Well, the first thing he said when Werner Kitzmüller Trio came on stage was, “this is depressing music. it makes me want to kill myself”.

And this is sort of true. WK trio, who just recently joined the Valeot troops with their release Just You, will remind you a little of singer-songwriters the likes of Tom Waits and Nick Cave – just a little less extravagant and playful. Werner Kitzmüller, who gives his name to the trio, sings in a deep voice that fits their dark and intense songs well – I was reminded a little of Noiserv‘s singing style. Musicians david schweighart (guitar) and alexandr vatagin (cello, electronics) play in several other bands, including Slon and Tupolev.

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