Shout out Louds/Lykke Li/Professor Pez @ Hulen

Lykke Li and Professor Pez were opening. I really liked Professor Pez’ energy a lot on stage, especially the girl who was playing the trumpet, she was amazing. In comparison, Lykke Li was really awful – she had this complete and utter arrogance on stage, she seemed uninterested in her audience and just focused on herself; it made me sad because the songs are good. I just didn’t like her persona at all, and probably also the fact that on top of that she doesn’t even play an instrument.
The Shout Out Louds were lovely! They got the audience dancing, singing along to the songs, and at one point Adam threw himself in the crowd and everyone (especially the girls) went wild.

here are some (awful) photos I took.

At the end of the show, my flatmate and I hung out to have a beer, and when I saw Adam putting on his jacket, I tackled him on his way out and got a lovely picture taken with him – he indeed looks very very freaked out, but it still looks nice.
No more groupie tricks, though, I promise..

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