I do what I want, when I want

Way too often I find myself forgetting about the little things in life that are just beautiful.

Yes, I admit it – I am (turning into) a girl. And as such, I really enjoy thinking that maybe, just maybe, I shouldn’t feel guilty for being who I am and for enjoying the gorgeous moments that life has to offer. Yes, there are a lot of fucked up things in the world. That shouldn’t keep me from making a list of things that make me happy:

1. a smile from a stranger on a really bad day
2. driving with my mom while listening to Nina Simone on max volume
3. handwritten mail
4. cuddles with my cat
5. when books are so good they make me cry
6. baking
7. surprise parties on unexpected days
8. meeting an old friend on the street
9. drawing hearts and dinosaurs and bunnies
10. paperclips
11. a blue sky with beautifully-shaped clouds
12. walking around the city with my headphones
13. cuddling with someone I really like
14. that part after gigs where I go up to musicians and chat them up
15. that special moment where his face comes close to yours and you realise he’ll kiss you for the first time
16. beautiful memories of very special times
17. very big and cosy public libraries
18. stars
19. getting a roll developed and realising I’ve taken good pictures
20. maps and globes


  • so, your points is you have to be a girl to enjoy the little things in life? i’m confused… and tired.


  • I suppose it’s more that I have fallen into that stereotype of girls being girls and romanticizing everything. if that makes sense? :)

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