A desperado with a sour twist

One of my favorite childhood memories is that of driving through the desert in Eastern California in August; funny actually, since fifteen years later I find myself moaning and groaning about the rocketing Viennese temperatures. My ride back in the day – a minivan with broken AC – was obviously not as glamorous as the car Swim Deep drive around in their new video, but the feeling of freedom and happiness was probably very similar.
Filmed in and around LA, King City follows the band on a carefree trip across the desert from gas stations to diners. Directed by Georgia Hudson, it’s at once hyper-real and dream-like, with some scenes, like that of a woman’s mysterious appearance, feeling almost drug-induced. Of course, one could say that these landscapes have been filmed a thousand times and that Swim Deep’s beach grunge sounds a little too familiar, but maybe that’s where the strength of their music lays: we’ve all seen these dunes, these red diner seats, and we’ve all once felt like being everything we’re not, so we can relate. Also, let’s face it: Jenny Lee Lindberg is pretty awesome.

And if you’re feeling up for the challenge, Swim Deep are giving away a free, signed vinyl copy of their upcoming record Where The Heaven Are We, which is getting released on August 5th, for one bold and courageous fan who’ll cover the track King City.

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