War & Peace

Almost exactly three years ago, I was getting into a venue on a whim to check out unknown, local bands and coming out of it a couple of hours later with the certainty that something big was gonna happen. The last three years were full of decision-making, deadlines and confusion, frustration and at times, the feeling that things are coming together just right; and if it’s starting to sound like the hardships of a relationship, it’s because that’s what it almost was.. In the last couple of years I’ve seen Stefan Galler grow his music and this album like a plant or a pet and because life is strange and full of signs and coincidences, the place where I met him for the very first time is also the place where he’ll be presenting his debut War & Peace, released by the newly founded Office records. A million things could have gone wrong, but they haven’t and now we have a beautiful white 12” in our hands that means much more than just a record by a rocking band on stage: the feeling that we’ve finally made it.



Stefan Galler will be opening for Danish band Alcoholic Faith Mission on June 6th at B72; get tickets here.

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