How little of me remains

Since the Nowhere Train album came out at the beginning of Winter, I have found myself in awe of Ian Fisher‘s voice. In a record that has various folk, country and americana influences, his song Are You There stands out as something soft and maybe more emotionally charged. In that very same heartfelt way, his single Why Do I Go? (taken from his upcoming album as Ian Fisher & The Present out March 1st via Seayou Records) loses itself in the meanders of Ian’s mind as he questions himself on the essence of love and uncertainty.

Throughout the video, directed by musician and artist Anna Kohlweis (better known as Paperbird/Squalloscope), we follow him and Ryan Thomas Carpenter as they fold their shirts, shave, pack their bags, and head off into the unknown after burning sheets of song lyrics.


How little things remain around me
How little of me remains
The great big things I once believed
Now mean little to nothing

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